Women of Colour

BACA pays tribute to Millwall U12 RTC the first female team to get into the Tandridge U12’s cup final in it’s 42 year history and to win the final 2 v 1 after going downing one nil with an unfortunate own goal in the first ten minutes. The game was also historical in three black females played in the game in central positions such breaking the stereotype that players cannot play in central position in relation to the stacking theory.

This week also saw the unrepresentative support day at St’s George Park on Monday April 30th hosted by the Football Association with support from a range of agencies from the Premier League, Football League, Kick it out, the Arm forces and an array of agencies providing career supports to BAME and women coaches. The event was also complemented by coaching sessions and speeches from the FA Technical Director, and the national head coaches of the men and women’s game.  It was a great privilege to meet the assistant manager of Nottingham Forest


Celebrating the Premier League BAME female coach project.

Premier League BAME Female coach Bursary