The last week

The last week saw the BACA start it work into mental health, wellbeing and coaching with the PFA focusing on the social corner. At the London FA Level 2 Block 2 working on the topic ‘Managing differences, 12 coaches discussed your experiences and the challenges of helping young people and themselves deal with the stress of playing and coaching in and outside of football. It was an emotion session during the course of the week when it shown that Black and African boys are more likely to be diagnose with a mental illness in the borough of Lambeth, a borough in which Lee Dema of St Matthews who organized and sponsored the course organizes his social and football related activities.


One in and One out

This week marked contrasting fortunes for BAME coaches, the sacking of Jimmy Hasselbaink at Northampton Town after six months in charge reduced the number of BAME manager in English football from seven to six. This marks a career in management from Burton, QPR and Northampton. thFMCD6KDDCompared to Darren Moore, ex-West Bromwich Albion player, PFA equality executive and recently first-team coach at West Bromwich Albion his appointment to care taker first team manager after the sacking of Alan Pardew represents a historical moment in the first player of a JA heritage to manage in the Premier League. He celebrates this moment with draw against Swansea as his match in charge.

Darren moore
Care taker Manager, West Bromwich Albion.

Darren moore



















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