Equality and the England DNA.

7The England DNA has evolved over the last few years to begin to address and show positive outcomes in term of diversity and equality in relation to BAME player representation particularly from Under 15’s to more specifically at the Under 21’s level where during England FA memorial to Cyrille Regis nine of the Under 21’s game against Romania starting the game including the captain came from a BAME heritage.  This was preceded by the England first team friendly in which seven of the eleven players who started the friendly against Holland were of a similar heritage, BAME.


The English Football Inclusion and Anti-Discrimination Action Plan needs to be reviewed and researched by the communities it affects and impacts on. BACA intends to set up a community based non-academic research review of the plan as it comes to its end in 2017. As we approach the middle of 2018 whilst there has been visible changes in terms of the England DNA in terms of equality for BAME players this is yet to translate into coaching and a management at the national level or in terms of coaching philosophy.

The FA proposed to ensure that there is at least on BAME coach/manager attached to each of their 28 national teams. Iffy past player at Huddersfield, recently in the Equality’s Department of the PFA joins the under 21’s National England team as the FA  attempt to introduce the Rooney Rule into their Equality and England DNA approach. The next few weeks and months will a mass recruitment of BAME coaches on a part and full time basis so please log into the FA or St George’s websites.



England DNA;

Donovan Wright and Eric Mcclymony

Realising  diversity and the England DNA