Coaches’ Corner

Three great BAME coaching events organized via the FA.

The Black and Asian Coaches Association in partnership with The FA prese…


The year 2018 has proved positive in terms of the new approaches to enhancing the opportunities for BAME coaches within both the grassroots and Professional game. Firstly Kick it out forum in January 2018 offered a critical space to examine what the stakeholders in football proposed to do in relation equality and equity in football.


Can the Rooney Rule work, can we trust white researchers to interpret the experiences of BAME coaches, and more importantly does the report conducted by Doctor Steven Bradbury sponsored by FARE make any reference to the exclusion of women of  BAME heritage from both the men’s and women’s game. If we keep asking the same question, why is there is a lack of BAME managers as opposed to how white privilege works in sport the culture of the organization has no responsibility change it can be explained and excused by the idea of ‘unconscious bias’ or ‘unwitting racism’.


Doctor Bradbury: 2017-SPTT-report-print

This had been preceded by new attention to the attention to the Rooney updated report by Doctor Steven Bradbury report, see attached and the declaration made by the EFL that all 72 clubs would adopt the Voluntary Agreement to interview at least one BAME coach for every new position.


Shaun Harvey, EFL Chief Execute an advocate of the EFL voluntary agreement version of the Roney Rule

Sky sport report; BAME managers talk about EFL voluntary agreement



















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