Trans-cultural learning.

Is the education of all coaches, learners and players to move beyond their social world and to begin to understand and empathise with the cultural world of diverse identities . It empowers coaches to be  student centered and to address the needs of the England DNA in terms of ‘Who we are’ – How we coach and play’ and How we support the learner who may have a variety of different experiences..

Trans-cultural learning theory has been developed from the world of nursing and particularly mental health in terms of trying to understanding different cultural meanings and expressions. It is crucial as a learning approach to begin to address how players expression their cultural world in the social and psychological corners and the need to understand that corner from their perspective.

The Trans-cultural coach carries in the emotional and learning coaching tools the ability to looking through the playing worlds of the player in terms of how they think and behaviour and linked to a variety of different worlds.

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Examples of transcultural learning