Rashid Abba, West Ham Foundation


The Asian into Football challenges developed from a number of research concerns raised about the lack of representation of Asia (South) players, coaches and managers from grassroots to the professional game. It lead to the revolutionary ground break report in 1995 ‘Asians into football’ that addressed the unspoken and deep forms exclusion and beliefs about Asian communities particularly in relation to the Academy structure. The report was followed up my ‘Ten wasted years’ 2005 that judged that Football had not done enough to change the culture and practices of the game to enable it to become truly become inclusive of all communities.

LMA_BAME_Managers_Report_Feb_2015Asians Can play football


The new challenges are the role of Asian Football can be seen through the innovative work done through the West Ham Foundation and recent setting up of the East London Coaching network in conjunction with Kevin Coleman, Equality Manager at the Football Association. The wider consultation conducted by the FA over the last few years with clubs, community organisations, players and coaches lead to the development of a coherent long-term approach to elevating the issues and solutions for Asians into Football.

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