Drapetomania: Modern slavery and Mental Health helpline.

BACA have organised and run a number free Safeguarding workshops that incorporate the safeguarding of vulnerable adults and the importance of the Modern Slavery Act.

Drapetomania: Modern Slavery and Mental Health Helpline.


  1. Provide information on the Modern Slavery Act 2014.
  2. To provide advice on the Social Care Act, and rights to primary care services for positive-well-being in sport.
  3. To offer social and medical advice from a trained mental health social worker.
  4. To update on BACA two books in this area.
October 2017 saw BACA’s contribution towards the Professional Footballers Association national wellbeing and mental health conference ‘Injured’ at St George Park represented by over 70 clubs and the first ever national audit of mental health in football. Head of welfare Michael Bennett opened the event followed by speakers from European and English football and the views and experiences of both men and women in the professional game. Multi-agency stakeholders, players, coaches, managers, safeguarding Educational welfares officers were involved in interactive workshops with a concrete focus on ‘Making a Difference’ in mental health in sport.
Review of the Mental Health Act. Implications for Football.
2018 marks the most significant year with the review of the 1983/2007 Mental Health Act, a review not really addressed by football agencies with the opportunity to change and effect how individuals are assessed, treated and supported and the opportunity for football change the perceptions of mental health in sport. It is crucial that football and the forthcoming PFA second mental health conference look at how the changes in the legislation can truly support all PFA members and players.