Football Project for Human Rights.


The Black and Asian Coaches Association celebrates the life and times of Dr Martin Luther King  and the importance of  1968 Olympic games project for Civil Rights set up by the cultural and sporting activist, Doctor Edwards. In the same vein BACA recognizes the rights of all individuals particularly those of color and the importance of sport in addressing wider social and political inequalities that it can mask in wider society. Fifty years on in our cultural evolution we celebrate the contributions black players of the 1960’s contributed towards breaking down doors of race and racism that are still unfortunately still apparent in the modern game.

This period of the 1960’s must be remembered for the activist who made enormous contributions to the empowerment of BAME communities who could not vote, travel on the same bus or eat in the place places as the white communities. It must be remembered for the role of the black panthers in eradicating racism and social injustice and the role of Doctor Harry Edwards in addressing a new slavery in modern sport in the demonization of the black athlete.

1968 Olympic games project for black liberation

The period 1968 to 2018 is an interesting comparison between whether race in society with the impending border changes from Bri and the World Cup to be held in Russia will lead to a return to the types of racism so proudly confronted by activists such as Dr King, Dr Edwards and emerging feminists such as Rosa Parks and our ability to work across the color line to protect the new kinds of racism facing the Muslim communities in and outside of football.


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